"Online Portfolio of Barry Bankhead..."    

013: Added in two models I completed this year, the Diamond Back Deuce a Rat Rod/Classic Hot Rod. And Alpha Coupe a 3 wheeled electric high-performance vehicle. Enjoy!

012: Updated the site a little bit. I also refined the M977 B wheel house model and updated that. It now features a large rotor/stator combo integral to the rim. I also changed the tread to be that of a metal tweel design.

011: Added in a new model. AVR-11 Ditalon. Is it a motorcycle, or is it a Gyrocopter?

010: Added in a new model. Vasteel-Solouv 023C. A futuristic Race car!

009: I decided to add video portions of my Demo Reel online, you can view my Personal reel featuring my models, as well as my Professional reel, comprised of animations I played a major role in during my professional career.

008: Over the holidays I started and completed a new fighter model, the A-13 TwinFang. The A-13 features twin miniguns, allowing a combined 12000 rds/min firing capability, and variable geometry engines allowing a high degree of maneuverability, check it out!

007: After some time of inactivity I've decided to rename C3DM to Advan 3D, as well as rework the background images to be a bit more tame, I hope you like it!
Additionally several new projects are in the works, once complete, will take their place on the site.

006: After a nice blizzard, I decided to re-touch the automotive work on the site. Check out the new Neo180SX and Atros renderings!

005: Updated model library to feature two new vehicles, the M977 B and M588 APC, check it out. Its for Mortal Skin, an animated program several colleagues of mine are working on!

004: I've re-contacted a few of my buddies from long ago. They are hard at work on a project which I did a small bit of work for in the past. Well, as luck would have it, I can still help out with this project! I've began work on two vehicles for their animated series, Mortal Skin!

003: C3D website re-launch project. Major update, templates for projects coded. Creating splash screens for index page as well as began working on subsequent page backgrounds. This will prove to be one graphics intensive website!

002: We have decided to begin the C3D Fleet Design Project. We're gonna design a small fleet of star ships and fighters/support craft for our first collaborative project. This is gonna be interesting, we had our initial meeting tonight about how we want to structure everything. Stay tuned for updates and what not every few weeks!

001: C3D website re-launch project begins.

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