"Let's do somethin' fresh..."    

about C3D Barry Bankhead:.
Primary function 3D Model creator and planner. Website design//aintenance.

I enjoy modeling and applying basic paintjobs to my models. I pretty much make a model so I can play with it (in 3D). I like adding allot of unseen details when I make a model. I also enjoy making models that somewhat reflect reality. In planning, I'll take some time to figure out how I can design something, so that it may appear to work, or has enough "substance" to it that it can contain mechanisms to make it work. I like to coordinate my design themes from logical/mechanical and artistic perspectives.

Eventually I'll print some of my models so that I can attempt to finish them, I can only imagine what a Duet Mantis or Neo 180SX will look like printed!!! Should be cool.


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