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M977 B Adirondak

Based on the M977 A1, Adirondak, MBT, the M977 B is stripped down, for civilian use. Utilizing the latest in Chobham-Beta, and Tritanium alloy armor plating, as well as anti-tank defensive weapons systems, the M977 B is as formidable in an urban engagement as its countpart is on the battlefeild.

The M977 uses a front mounted 4 rotor turbocharged engine to produce 2000 net hp, run at a constant RPM, this functions as a generator which maintains charge in both the Lithium-Ion Polymer battery bank, and the Hyper Capacitor bank located at the rear of the crew compartment. A multi-fuel engine capable of running on the latest bio deisel, and other various combustibles.

Within each of the eight self-contained wheel-houses, lies a 210hp high-tourque, large diameter, in-wheel design, electric motor. Utilizing independent electric motors creates redundancy in the drive system, limiting immobilization weaponry such as mines, additionally it creates tourque instanteously, giving the M977 superior manouverability compared to other tanks. As shown, the wheels are composed of individual metal tweel spokes, with removeable tread blocks. Individual tweels can be removed with further dissasembly. Lastly the tread around each wheel is composed of dynamic rubber mesh and steel, highly resilliant, yet compliant in an urban environment, minimizing vibration, and maximizing crew comfort on extended tours. Each wheel- house also provides even more protection from side impacts, providing ample distance between it's outer armor, and a penetrator such as a HEAT type round, or other directed energy sabot.

Front and Rear armor is re-enforced. However, crew is doubly protected as engine, Lithium- Ion Polymer battery bank, and Hyper-Capacitor array are located on the fore and aft sections of the tank. Both the battery bank and capcitor array feature modular and redundant construction, resulting in decreased likleyhood of immobilization. Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries provide superior performance while being a completley dry and safe cell. Hyper-Capcitors provde no fire hazard or risk of explosion. Fuel is stored on the inner most armored compartnets just infront of the battery and capcitor banks. Crew ingress and egress is through either the turret top, or preferably, out the rear exit hatch located between the battery bank and Hyper-Capacitor array.

Due to the lightweight yet highly resiliant alloy armor, the net weight of the tank is between 45t and 50t fully loaded. A 120mm smooth-bore main gun, complimented with a standard 7.62mm remote cannon rounds out basic armorment, optional equipment includes utilizing either or both of the two side hard-points on the turret for either a MM31 Micro Missle pod (9), or a 60mm articulated Mortar (3 per side active, 6 stored in either launcher).

The M977 features a low profile, and is small enough to fit into most parking garages, and streets. with 19"" of ground clearance, and well over 6"" of suspension travel, it can traverse most any terrain.

Both the M977 and M588 feature BattleVision Virtual Interface technology. Augmented reality, several cameras project and convey battlefeild information to the driver, gunner, and commander, all through either screens in the tank, or the TA4F tactical helmet HUD. Based on advanced VR technology, the TA4F links various crewmates to the tank in the most appropriate manner, and allows them to look, and react to the dynamics on the feild as if looking out a window, with a HUD on it. Target ID and Aquisition, as well as data is projected with a few small key presses on the helmet or remote.

The M977 B Adirondak, allowing New Albuquerque's Finest to keep the peace through superior firepower.

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