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023C Race car:

I designed this model purely to recreate a classic race-car shape and appearance, but with a futuristic twist. I spent some time developing the front suspension system, with a single leaf-spring as the locator, and spring. Steering is handled by traditional rack and pinion.

The front twin-tires feature a dual mode setup: The inner tire features the HT compound on its inner half, and the outter tire is all LT compound. This compliments the rear tires similar setup. It is based on the theory that the centerline of the car will have the most downforce, causing a minute deflection of the suspension as speeds approach 540kph, and the majority of the weight will be concentrated on the inner edges of the tires. The front suspension is also articulated in such a way that during roll, the tires can independently roll, giving motor-cycle like agility.

The rear suspension is standard F1 fare with double wishbones, and central single damping system.

The wheels are larger diameter than normal F1 wheels, not only for visual flare, but, to also use the brake-ring system, the front wheels are hub-less which shows off the 4 front brake rings. The rear wheel uses the same system.


Constructor: Vasteel-Solouv

Chassis: 023C
Engine: Model M55: V12 DAV 3.5L - 1250ps
Tyre: Hyper Flex Corp. Model TO-SR

Vasteel-Solouv presents the 023C for the 306th Formula G-Zero inter-planetary circuit.

Hyper.Flex Tyre TO-SR (Temperature Opperator - Special Race)

TO-SR tires, the highly specialized Race only version of the award winning TO-St line, features Thermal Expansion Coeffecient Differential Tire Technology; TECD. TO-St (street) tires are reknown for their high grip, striking coloring options, long life cycle, and easy to read traction circle, given their 200mph limit for a passenger car, various Race versions were the next step.

The HyperFlex tire technology adaptation utilizes a specially formulated aerogel-pairing to create the TECD system.

For slower speeds (under 340kph) the High-Thermal (HT) component of the TECD will not expand, it remains ""dormant"". However, during high speed (over 340kph gradient), the true beauty of the HyperFlex TECD shines.

When the tires approach such a high speed, the Low-Thermal (LT) aerogel compound for slower speeds will gradually become less stable, and begin thermal saturation, despite its extreamly high, temperature degredation resilliance factor. The HT aerogel however begins to gradually expand, taking thermal and weight loads off of the LT material.

The HT material provides exceptional grip at lower speed, however, the LT material provides superior grip at anyspeed below 400kph, giving a 60kph gradient for one compound to take responsibilities at the proper time. Temperature saturation occurs linearly in the HT material, gradually warming it up, but desaturation is exponential, similar to the brake curve, allowing grip and temperature to return quickly after a 540kph front straight run.

Combining the TECD with traditional Hyper-Flex Matte yeilds exceptional multi-temperate performance. Hyper-Flex Matte the original nano adjustable tire, able to change the base molecular spacing to acheive superior contact-patch interaction!

HyperFlex TECD, making your world better, faster.

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