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This vehicle started off as a commissioned work for an electrical engineer looking to create a kit car for hobbyists.

The Alpha Coupe utilizes a 3 wheel configuration with double wishbones up front and double sided swingarm suspension in the rear. Battery units can range from standard group 12, to custom A123 cells as found in high-end electric vehicles.

For a cost consideration, it was designed to carry 18 B&B EB 50-12 batteries, rated at 50AH, and 12V each. Loaded in a 2s9p configuration, this yeilds a 100AH, 108v setup, weighing in at 609lbs. A 7"x11" 50lb motor delivers power via a chain drive with a 14t drive gear, and 71t final drive gear. 18" automotive grade wheels front and rear.

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